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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

25042012 - IMAL Global. Win a thumb drive back !

I'm not that kind of person who have passion in winning prize for certain contest, or joining any online competition. But hell yea, I am that person days ago, who suddenly desperately winning something online.

A schoolmate of mine told me about this contest. You can bring a cutie baby 16gb thumb drive back by hitting only 60 likes for a page. Wasn't really pay attention on it, turn my mind, why not ? Only 60 likes. Tried my luck, annoyed my friend. And hell yea, I GOT THESE BABIES HOME

I admit that I'm a greedy girl =p Spotted the Doraemon earlier which I prefer blue one. But nice still pink one. Thanks Ys kok for helping me get it back :) Heheh. Yet, spotted the pair of bride later. I was like, so cute and why I never notice this before the Doraemon? Me hit another 60 likes which I got total 120 likes for that page just for these pair of cuties. Meanwhile, the Jboy hit 60 likes too, he knew I love this pair of bride, thanks for bringing me to the office and brought them back baby :) 

Girl won by Evon Chua, Boy won by Teh Tiong Wei. Dear IMAL Global, you've made a mistake. I won the boy one while Jboy won the girl one. He mentioned that he's not a gay =p LOL. 

Total three 16gb thumb drive with super cute appearance for free !! How worth ! I believe that there still available thumb drive giving away. 

Step 1 : Try to get 60 friends of yours in Facebook to this page. IMAL Global.
Step 2 : Print screen to prove that 60 friends had liked the page, and email it along with your name, IC, contact number and email address. 
Step 3 : Wait for their notification.

Game rules are easy enough ! Go and check on their page for more info ! Me is enough satisfy with my babies. You can too :) Hehe. 

Million thanks for those who helped me for this. Thanks for helping me click like on the page and I know I'm annoying. LOL. 

xoxo, Spencer E

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