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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chapter 3 aka Final Chapter - to the one who loved me, i love you all.

When everyone blogging about how they spent their Halloween night, I'm still working on my birthday celebration post. Yea finally it comes to an end, this will be the last post of my birthday celebration, FYI it will be a long post I don't mind you close my blog now. :) Hopefully don't :P haha

It's the actual day, 23th Oct. I always love October because it's our month, boyfie and I both are October baby, I can still remember we celebrated our birthday together at the first year we been together. :) Back to the topic, boyfie was the one who be with me at this precious mama give birth day.

It was Tuesday, and the second schooling day after my holiday. Obviously we both are not good student, he skipped class, me neither. :P He brought me to Genting. Yea, Genting again -.- Just simply love this place so much, I always feel like it's a stress-free place for me. We were so damn stupid and purposely went up there for casino. Hell ya why not? I'm officially an adult man ! As usual guard stopped me from entering casino and at this time, I'm so proud to present my identity card. Muahahahha *evil* And thanks for the birthday wishes dear guards. lol.

 Yours truly with her coordinates of the noon. Angel dress boutique shirt and pants, tiamo shoes. Photo credits to boyfie. 

We don't really spent long time on Genting but just been there for some fresh air and headed back home then. 

Silly boy actually made a reservation about, hmmmm I think a month ago with WIP, a restaurant inside Bangsar Shopping Center for my birthday dinner. Yes one month reservation is really crazy, but I couldn't blame him on that since we always failed in making reservation with the restaurant with the reason "fully booked". But on that night, I experienced myself and the restaurant didn't make lie on fully book. It's so crowded even it's Tuesday night. The restaurant is nice but I don't think it's suitable for my mood on that night, I prefer peaceful rather than noisy, the atmosphere was too noisy for me. Hence, we decided to leave even though reservation made and hunt for a suitable restaurant inside the mall. 

Spotted this restaurant, Twenty one inside Bangsar Shopping Center also. Just randomly picked this cause of the name of the restaurant, pretty suits me much on that night. Hehe. And I think I did a perfectly right decision. :)

The restaurant wasn't at dark as the photo showed, it's actually under a very romantic lightning effect, sorry for the flash light caused.

Both anti social, hell ya, we're new generation wad. Haha.

 Mua dish of the night, chicken tikka marsala. RM26. I love this dish so much, it's like pasta combine with satay sauce chicken. Yum yum I'm crave for nice food after seeing this picture. :(

 Boyfie's fish and chips.

2 crazy people obsessed with photography in sudden. Pardon me -.- Coordinate that night, Angel Dress boutique dress, Voir gallery rose icon belt, babe V's shoes from Sg wang.

Ended with this station and headed to another celebration station again, the 21st century at Kajang. It's a very famous and common place for Kajang people but in case you don't know, 21st century is a restaurant with great night view at Kajang. :) Which means that night I celebrated my birthday in 2 "21" restaurant. Perfect match.

Le boyfie cheated me that my family gonna celebrate with me at the other day since my mum need to work that night as a dancing teacher but obviously, my dear you did not communicate well with my family and my dad invited to dinner together in front of me? -.- failed plan.

 Cake by le boyfie.

 epic photo -.-

Didn't manage to snap a family photo. :( xoxo, I love you all, I do. It was the last celebration of my birthday, I mean for official one, college mate did dinner with me a night after that day, thanks ran and nick, didn't manage to capture also :(

Thanks for all these lovessss.

All effort that made by my gang, my girls, family and also the boy been appreciated, thank you so much, especially mum, thanks for bringing me to this world, I can't tell in words that how much I love you all, I just mean it. I will try my best to behave as an adult from now on, a promise to myself. Good bye 20, hello 21.

xoxo, lots of love,


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