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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Leatris 22th birthday @ Renoma Cafe

Great day ahead people ! It's 05 May 2013, have you vote? Please don't scold me as I'm so so regret for not register as a voter. Believe me, I am. My wall is now full with election news, dirty trick stuff, and most importantly the united of the Malaysian ! No matter what's the result, people united, it's the best result, aren't it? Well of course, let's pray for a better tomorrow. Ini kalilah, ubah ! :)

By the way that isn't the topic of the day, at least not for my blog purpose. 02 May was the precious cutest's birthday. Renoma cafe was the birthday girl's picked.

What a lovely surrounding they had. Comfy lightning, home love feeling with cloths, shoes, bags and other displayed. Oh yea, and also the RENOMA UNDERWEAR ! LOL. Well I'm not some kind of girl who will get excited with these, believe me again. LOL ! We were lucky girl that owned the restaurant all by ourselves for the whole night, we were the only customer. Rate 5 for the environment.

 But rate 3 for the dishes. Am not a big fan of Spaghetti and I ordered some kind of chicken, sadly to be informed by the waiter that my chicken no longer available after I ordered. Carbonara as my picked of the night, well, as I said only 3 stars for it. I don't think that's any special for me. But I rate 5 for the dessert ! Let's see.

 We are all huge fan of Creme Burlee and we had our first try on this "Green Tea Creme Burlee" of Renoma ! Owhhhh I'm craving of this again. Creme Burlee with green tea helps in covering the sweetness of the dessert. I don't know what to say, just love it !

 Cake originally by Renoma with the caption : Happy birthday, Leatris :)

 Happy kid with the Tiramisu that contain of alcohol. Another nice dessert they have. Followed by tons of stupid photos we taken that day with crazy, laughing out loud all the way, stupid etc atmosphere.

Channel blusher as birthday gift for her. She has been keep repeating how good is the product after she used it lol ! I know you love it, and we know we know you well. Happy belated 22nd birthday again and I'm still counting on the birthday celebration with you. You know I love you. Muah :*


 Last but not least, a photo of me as the end of the post. Have you ever realize the difference of me? I'm quite in love with it even I know rounded face is not suit for fringe. But sometimes changes not a bad thing, right? I'm fancy with it, are you? Let me know if you are, if not, don't let me know LOL! Haha.

Thanks for reading. xoxo,


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