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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

In love with October since 22 years ago.

Kinda give up of blogging for awhile. As you see I'm not posting any proper post before this for quite some time. She reminded me that I should have blog about my birthday post. Yea right? Blog supposingly be the part of my life, at least it never missed out any birthday ceremony of mine ever since year 2009.

It's the 22nd birthday. How fast. I can imagine I will be posting my 23rd, 24th, 50th...... birthday post in just a blink of eye. Well back to the topic. Details of my 22nd birthday :

Location - Tujo Bar-sserie & Grill (previous 7atenine)
Time - 8.30 (delayed to 10.30 unsurprisingly)
Date - 22nd October (representing I'm officially 22 maybe?)

It was a regretful thing that we never tried out the food in 7atenine last year during we celebrating the little tiny's birthday as we were late, their kitchen announced that they're closed. So I couldn't do any comparison on their food between these 2 different-name but having the same location place. Well, I have to say that I'm very satisfy with their dish, environment, service, everything. Of course, they're in a reasonable price, especially with the food vouchers they gave us LOLOL.

Birthday celebration isn't celebration for us anymore. For us, it's more into chit chatting session, or bonding session. In fact we don't meet up with each other for some period, compared with those old times, as everyone are busy working, except me, I'm still studying and fighting for my new semester, thanks for the satisfied grade last semester. :) Hence, it is really a good chance for us to catch up. Well you know, I really love chatting with them, doing silly things with them, anything.


Nah told you, we love doing silly things. lol. 

Allow me to write in chinese now. Sexy back都摆的出, 大庭广众下站在酒店的行李推车上当平面模特儿, tell me what else we never do together before? Haha. 

Mua favorite photo of the day, I know it's blur, I just simply love it. 

Thanks for being with me during my special day almost 6 years. You know I love you girls, a lot a lot. 

xoxo, von. 

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