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Friday, June 8, 2012

London, The Summer Musical

Singing and dancing are always my thing since I was a kid, it were influence by my family and relatives, they're good in singing while in the same time mum sent me to studio for ballet learning and gymrama training too. So whenever I know that there're any movie that related to singing and dancing, I will never miss out watching the movie, just simply addicted with musical thing.



High School Musical . 

Phantom of the Opera.

I always enjoy seeing people who can sing perfectly even though there're dancing. It's really hard when you need to take care of both part in the same time. Use this kind of eye sight while watching those movies,

That will never be the part I can do it when I'm singing and dancing in the same time and the main characters of movies did it ! But all those movies or drama were been through soundtrack recording process. I can never know whether they can do the same way on live. And I thought, I can never know in real life.

But now here's the chance for me ! London, The Summer Musical is now in Malaysia ! From June 1 to Jun 8(except Tuesday), London, The Summer Musical will be performing at Sunway Lagoon's Amphitheatre. Most importantly, Nuffnang has reserved 25 pairs of tickets worth RM80 for Nuffnangers to win ! I was like, woohoo? I know it will be the real musical I ever had and I want I want I want I want I want to win the tickets !!!!!!!!!!!! 

So all I need to do for now is answering their question.

What song that will remind me of my first love and how it became my love song?

Hmph hmph, I will definitely say the chinese song第几个一百天(100days) from JJ lin as my answer. I'm madly in love with JJ lin you guys know that. When the song's album released, what a coincidence it was the 100th days of boyfie and I after we been couple up. During the day, the song played by FM when we both were in the car and  it successfully shaken my heart. I know it's simple and unlike other couple they have an amazing reason of the song becoming their love song. Just been through the 100th 100 days of me and my boyfriend, I miss out the chance telling him and now I'm telling you, I love you baby, let's create more 100days okay? :)

Back to the topic. I wish I'm one of the lucky Nuffnangers who get a pair of tickets home, desperately want it buttttt, well I know I'm always the bad luck one hmph hmph. :( Btw, Nuffnangers why not you try your luck too? Get the information of the rules and regulation here then you can join the contest like me.

Enjoy watching one of the live video of London, the Summer Musical. xoxo, love you peeps. :)

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