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Sunday, July 15, 2012

15/07/2012 - Me loving new hair color

Hello people out there! I'm using the inner time while waiting for my friend to blog right now. Friends who followed ma Instagram should know that I touched up my hair color 2 days ago. Owh finally! :( People who always dye their hair know the most torturing thing is when you seeing the black roof coming out from your hair but you can do nothing on it besides touch up our hair.

As you know, I'm seriously hardly to squeeze out some time for my hair, especially in such tough semester. Once you step inside the hair saloon, you know you need to spend almost a day there for waiting, cutting hair, dye-ing hair, hair treatment and so on.

Da tortured moment.

 I couldn't bear on my hair anymore because I can even feel ashame going out with such hair color especially working as freelance, seeing other freelancer with such beautiful hair color, B.U.T M.E :( I know I'm having tests, quiz, part time job, class, BUT NOTHING CAN STOP ME FROM DYE-ING MY HAIR !

Everyone is having a big obsess with dip dye recently I'm definitely not one of the exception. Me is so in love with dip dye once I read Chuckei's blog, at least I know this dip dye thing from her, blogger's infectant power. Yet but I prefer to try on this before I try on dip dye. I know I'm kinda outdated and this kind of hair color might mixture really out date but I just want to try at least once?

 No, maybe two. Because I'm kinda regret for not getting a pink color high light part like her! Huge fan of her and I loved her with this hairstyle for really long time but nerdie old me would never think of dye-ing this kind of hair color.

Me is really short but that's not the point. Spotted reddish part of my hair? It's actually not only highlight that little but like this

The reddish part covered with blonde hair then you can see the reddish part appeared formless. Is really hard to see by photo but I'm so so in love with my new hair color! Thanks to Hair room located at Kajang Sg Chua, always giving me the best hairstyle.

They said me looked like a vampire after applied smoky eyes with the reddish hair. Well I'll take it as a compliment. Freelance praised on it, friends praised on it, last but not least, yours truly is big big love with the hair color.

xoxo, VonSpence.