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Friday, August 31, 2012

3rd anniversary dinner @ Teeq Brasserie

Hello there, it's been awhile from my last post. I'm so sorry for not blogging for long as I'm really busy, sorry bloggie, I have no idea why am I have to start with my post by apologizing to you every single time I wanted update a new post. LOL. And I'm well prepared to get kill by my girl for updating this post right before her birthday post. Sorry sorry :P

So how you did guys spent for your merdeka day people? :)

Baby boy and I went to Teeq Brasserie as our 3rd year anniversary dinner. We were suppose to celebrate our anniversary at 29th August as it was the actual day by having a simple vacation as that's our tradition but both of us were so busy with study and job so we couldn't manage our time in trip even search nice restaurant for the celebration. Okay, it's a must a know, I'm now officially thank you dear Baby Jim for suggesting this restaurant for me. Haha. p/s she will kill me if I don't do so. She actually asked for my birthday celebration location when she suggest this. Thank you love you manyak manyak muackzz. Hehe.

I never know there're such nice and romantic restaurant placed on the rooftop of Lot 10 Plaza. Okay, am a kampung mui.

They have really comfy surrounding and there're outdoor and indoor for the restaurant. We can see KL night view clearly at outdoor, poor camera quality couldn't snap night view nicely. We chose to have our dinner indoor, more romantic maa :P

Celebrated our dinner last night with Malaysia people as yesterday was Malaysia's independent day. Out of expectation the road was pretty clean from jam. Teeq Brasserie offered Merdeka set meal last night, super worth set meal which only cost RM78++ for a whole set and included 1 glass of house wine. We only ordered one set meal since domino fulfilled my stomach, my stomach have no extra place for these. Awhhh *regretting*

The appetizer.

Very nice prawn and satay chicken. I'm hungry while blogging lol.

Soup of the day.

Fish as main course, with Malaysia flag, btw, only one of the flag is mine, haha.

The dessert.

Teeq Brasserie was sweet enough to separate one set of meal into 2 parts, so that baby boy and I can have our own half part of food instead of sharing by using only one plate. :) The food are nice enough for me especially the appetizer prawn! So yummy! But baby boy wasn't think the same way huh? Of course, service is always part of my concern and yes I'm satisfied with it too. :)

Red long dress as mua outfit of the day. Obviously I gained weight compared to last time I wore it. :( Argh.

 Baby boy is trying to mixture mua mocktail and the wine. The outcome was incredibly nice though. LOL.

Last but not least, happy 3rd anniversary baby

 Note of the day for him : Please prepare flower next time. Ciaoz. :D