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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Introduction & Chapter 1 of 21st - I'm an adult.

First of all, I would like to thank for all the wishes no matter from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It might just a wish that you made randomly after spotted the Facebook birthday reminder but it means a lot to me, and I never know that there're still some amount of people willing to wish me during my birthday huh. :) Love these 2 wishes especially,

By baby bea who currently at Australia, can't wait to gather with her end of the year.  

By the cutest Vv. :)

I'm sorry for couldn't reply all one by one so just make a conclusion here, thanks guys! Love ya.

First celebration by the gang, a very early birthday celebration by the gang, I would love to blog about it yet we didn't capture ANY SINGLE photo. How is it possible!? Omg. I couldn't believe that. We didn't capture at ALL. Hmmmm hmmm. Maybe blog in wording form? But I know it would be very boring. Hmmph.

I love the surprise celebration from them :) I thought we would celebrate at 24th Oct which is right after one day of my actual birthday but I think the dearest prefer doing some surprise huh? I'm sorry for noticed it out. Eeeeee seriously I never know I'm that smart, muahahahhaha ! FYI, baby Cadee and Vivian cheated me for k session at night of 21st Oct right after our birthday cloths hunting. Actually they covered it perfectly, everything was fine but I guess I know them pretty well and maybe girl's intuition really exist? So that I can feel there're something abnormal happening. :) Weeeee. A friend of Vivian working inside the K box and she even created an excuse for the big room they gave us so that they could cover the truth that there're other people coming beside 3 of us, in case I suspect how come we can get a room that big while we're only three person here. But I couldn't pretend myself for knowing nothing anymore after the stupid waiter spill everything out, the most stupid waiter ever, sorry for scolding you this way =p It's really fake if I continue to pretend after his stupid action. Haha sorry =p

Due to photo problem, I'm going to end my first celebration post in this way. What a failed essay and blog post. Thanks for creating the very first 21st celebration for me guys, I'm really appreciate it and feeling thankful to have you all in my life. Btw, you guys should really tell me earlier, so that I can wear better and apply make up on my face ! :/ Hmph hmph. Haha. Lots of love from Evon :)

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