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Monday, May 9, 2011

UM. where's my direction?

It's been awhile I've abandon my blog again. 3weeks is the last post? sigh. I have no personal time at all. My time table is pack like hell. Got lot of posts been abandon again, I can't guarantee can tell it all in my lil diary now. Sigh, again.

Friend of my facebook or follower of my twitter should know that, I got the letter from UM last week. Not a proud thing, since it's not bout economic courses, not bout business course, but, dancing course? Furthermore, it's just an information bout the INTERVIEW of the course, I'm not necessarily can get into the course.

And again, the imagination of my dancing dream appeared in my brain juice.How if, I can get into it? Who will I be after it? Dancing teacher? Dancer? Choreographer? A lot of questions in my mind, I know, I can't get the answer in a short period.

Yes, I still went for it. Part of my mind asked me to do so. I know, if I don't go for it, I will regret. I really want to know, actually what is the dancing level of mine? Maybe I can take it as an experience? At least I can know, how's local U interview form.

I would like to tell here. It's sucks, really sucks. First of all, ujian tulis, writing or paper test. Thought it would be something like objective questions, or sort of subjective questions? No, not at all, but they asked for a 500words Malay essay. God knows I returned it all to my teacher. -.- I don't even know how to write Malay now and asked for 500words now? I don't even need to write 500words while I'm a form6 student. Sigh! Additional, in 30minutes. I handed up an 300words essay LOL.

2nd part, the most SIGH part. The interview session. Sucks! The interviewer, according to the seniors, he like to scold, he love to! I'm the last candidate of the interview. I waited for more than an hour for it. The guy who pregnant for at least 5months just keep scolding. From the beginning till the end. I'm consider as lucky, he just, hmph LC to me?

      him:" you put this as the forth choice of you. So which means that, you don't really care bout it, and you really that lucky, got the chance to get into the other campus for other courses which stated in the first, second and third column of your choices, in the same time we offer you this too, so you'll choose them and give up here?"
     :" why do you think we will give you the chance to get into here since your pointer is that low?!"
     :" so are you sure you'll come if we really give you the chance?! confirm?!" p/s this question at least repeat for 5times. -.-
Know what? I looked directly to his eyes, and lied. "I'm sure! " that's my answer.

For the "uji bakat" part, overall was fine. I'm quite confident in this. So just skipped it. Lastly, the dancing class, the first class. I think it was the most tired day since I became an OL. I've been quite a long time didn't had exercise especially as tough as this. The dancing class nothing special. It's more to a physical training. According to the teacher, without a good stamina, you can't dance well. Yes he's right. Yet it's really tiring for me. I can't feel my leg at all for more than 2days. sigh. OLD lady.

I know, it's just a dream. I wouldn't be success with this road. I'm not as pro as others, those who are really professional in dancing. I'm not as creative as others, those who are creative in choreograph dances. How to compete in this? I'm not confidence at all. In fact, I know somehow in my mind, I don't want to take this risk. I don't want to have a tough time anymore. It feel sucks when you have no idea with your future. I know, this is not what I want in my last education life. I want books, I want classes with teacher writing on the white board like others, but not teacher dancing in front mirror. Dance, and study, I want it to be separate. So can I?

Can anyone tell me, where's my direction? Cause I'm now, lost my way.

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