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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Take your own responsibility.

Great. Situation Friday had repeated to Saturday. I don't like aeroplane peepTake note for this.

Friday 23th September 2011.
Great Friday morning. Got a call from the girl and asked me about promoters. Morning still young and I thought it wouldn't have any problem. Texted both of them bout their locations. One of them told me that she was sick was not able to work. I remembered, it was 8.45a.m in the morning. The job is about to start at 10 and she should reach at 9a.m. as well. Not even a sorry word, she have no back up replacement for her.

Got thousands of mail for it and I can't even get one replacement when I'm really need them, anyone of them. She tried to find replacement, apologized that she couldn't get anyone for it. It's okay I'm understand. It's weird, I had made more than thousand calls and NON of them pick it up? One of them picked it, but I couldn't reach her anymore after the call request for work and she's actually promised for the replacement until I switched another number to call. She picked, and only told me that she's not able to work that time. WTF. Just tell if you can't. Don't use suck trick and escape. I'm urgently in needing people, just tell me honestly that you don't feel like working earlier so that I can find another one for back up. Forgotten what's your name, whatever, Damn you bitch.

I wish I could work myself. Nope, I can't. As you know I'm working for office job weekdays. Sigh. Sorry to tell the girl that I can't get for replacement. I promised to her, I promised, I will find replacement for her at Saturday and Sunday. No more flying aeroplane. I swear. She trusted me.

Saturday, 24th September 2011.
I got it for her. As promised. Another sunshine morning, great Saturday morning. Waken up by a call, from the girl. Well, checked where're my girl's location. Got the message, "Sorry Evon, I'm not able to work for today. Some personal issues. Sorry for causing inconvenient and the last minute." You know pretty well it was last minute huh? I remembered, it was 8.30a.m in the morning. And yea, same, she should work at 10 and reach by 9 SHARP. Had requested for replacement same as Friday. Lol even worse this time. Got NO reply at all after the aeroplane message.

Jumped from bed, yea JUMPED. I worked for it myself this time. I BE THE REPLACEMENT MYSELF. I'm glad that dearest sister had class at the same time at the place which nearby the working place of mine. So that I can escape from the crowded and horrible train and reached on time. Quite impressive with myself LOL.

What I trying to tell are, please think and be responsible to yourself and others before you do something. It's not like I don't let you quit the job but at least don't that LAST MINUTE. You thought I'm god and could clean all these SHYT for you? I can get anyone else to replace if you inform me a little earlier me. Or find a replacement so that you wouldn't cause any convenient to others. No excuses are acceptable. Think about it. These are what from Evon. Seriously, I'm pissed.

By the way. I had a great working day as usual. :) Am waiting for the girl to upload the only photo that I had captured that day. Not sure whether she'll upload or not. LOL.

Sorry for being that rude in this post. 

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