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Thursday, August 8, 2013

09/08/2013 - Midnight thinking

There's two types of people on earth, one who earn much, but never successfully save money, another don't earn as much as the previous one, but fxxking good with saving money. Which type you are? 

Obviously, I'm definitely the first type of person. Not that I earn damn damn much, I'm just a part time freelancer who earn a little better than normal student, but there're a sentence which really accurate : you spent how much you earned, couldn't agree more than that. I don't earn much, seriously, I don't afraid to reveal my income. If I'm lucky and able to get more job that month, the income is like about 1-2k, but if I'm unlucky for example last month, I don't even earn 1k. But for a student, is actually more than enough.

My bf always suspect about me, why am I always failed to save money while I'm actually working part time always which also consider as have income. I asked myself all the time as well, I don't know what the hexk I've spent, I just non-stop spending while actually I don't really shopping. You can see I'm wearing the same cloths all over again repeat and repeat. I'm like only buy cloths once a year which is the period before Chinese New Year, that's the period I don't "kedekut" to pamper myself. Well, maybe I know where I spent? Petrol? Food? Oh yea right food, that's the main part. I don't like to keep thinking how to save money by eating something light like bread or what, I won't do that as I will feel sorry for myself lol. Maybe that's the point? I spent too much on food? Bf often think that I shouldn't always think of eating expensive food as I worked so hard for money ended spent all on things like that. Cause of getting fat as well lol.

Sometimes there're some thought in my mind. Let's say I have averagely 2k per month for now as a student. But for now, I felt that 2k is just enough for me to spend, I mean for myself, my own expenses as in petrol, food, tol, so on so far. I really couldn't imagine when I'm officially step into society, I get the same pay after my degree, but in the same time I have to spare some money for family expenses, pay for car loan maybe if I get a new car,  pay for this pay for that. Actually, what I've left as I don't even able to save money for now?

I've mentioned there're another type of person which don't earn much but can easily save lots of saving. I'm actually referring to my sister. She don't work, she's just a student but somehow I felt she's so damn rich lol. I don't know how to say but, at least I never experience the moment she's worry about lack of money to spend, in contrast she always saw that moment on me lol.

Everything is so expensive right now in Malaysia, somehow I don't think that 2k is enough to survive, without mentioning when you have a family. Inflation rate is so high right now, well I learned some economic from class hehe. A mee cost RM0.50 in my mum's generation but now RM5, KL even RM10 or more. HOW TO SURVIVE?! HOW TO SAVE MONEY?! HOW TO GET MORE MONEY?! 

Even though I don't know my direction of life, I I always want the simplest life, I don't have a super super big ambition as in being a super duper strong woman earning thousand million every minute lol, as long as don't need to worry too much about work, that's enough for me. But there's one thing I wish to have in my life, I wish to have my own shop do my own business. A small cafe, a small boutique, anything as long as comfy for me. BUT, WHERE TO GET MONEY?! Why on earth is so hard to earn money? When is the day I can successfully achieve my dream?

How to successfully balance between saving and investing?

I wonder.


from, von

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