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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fashionista WANNAB?

Planned for several months like finally, yay it's launched ! I think most of you have noticed that I'm handling another online again. Yea right I was previously handled another page, but obviously I ignored and abandoned it for quite long as I don't really have motivation while I do all things by myself without someone keep pushing me lol, not saying it wasn't a good business, just that lazy bug hiding inside my body I guess.

Well even most of you already know about it but I think I can still briefly introduce my online workshop here. It's actually a random thought, with my ladies, like "actually I feel like open a fashionable, vogue-able online boutique", "OMG is a good idea I thought before as well" (random conversation between us). Hence, that's how Wanna_B born. Hehe.

Basically the whole concept is a projecK wanna be fashionable, vogue-able as mentioned from 4 girls which the JECK stands for Jim, Evon, Cadee, and Kaiyen. I assumed you had liked our page (if you don't probably you can consider to search our page on Facebook by typing Wanna_B? PLEASE~ lol), so you can see that our first batch of selling product is BIKINI ! Owhhhhh big love! As we all are bikini lover(even though I don't have gorgeous killing attractive body figure) so it's really excited that we can sell our own bikini. But of course, we're selling fashionable outfit as well as mentioned thousand times above, so just stay tune haha.

Some random product shooting. Enjoy peeps :)

Oh yea right, not forget to mention that we're now having a grand opening promotion ! By purchasing 2 pieces of our bikini rebate for RM8 while 3 rebate RM18! You can grab it together with your friend and enjoy our promotion until 4th of September.

For more design and information, please refer to :
Facebook - Wanna_B
Instagram - Projeck_WannaB


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