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Friday, July 8, 2011

good bye Wilhelmsen

This is a place that I've had stayed for my past 5 months. 16th of February. I started my office lady life here. Wilhelmsen Vessel Accounting department under Wilhelmsen Ship Management Sdn. Bhd. 

It's really a nice place and good first expression for me as an office lady. I was expected to be someone just like a small clerk doing some failing job or typing letter or what? This job, hmph, sort of that kind of clerk I've mentioned, but better than that, much more :)

You know what? The first day I've entered the building of the company, I was shocked. I was like a kids who accidentally entered adult's world, which not belongs to me.

The first thing shocked me, the lift. There were total hmph, 10 or 12 lifts there, in the lobby. Each lift to different floor. You can never enter the wrong floor cause what? You've seen the picture I've taken, that number things is like a scanner, scan your identity card of your company then press the floor you want to go. A total 22th floors building. Hmph, so what? LOL.

This is the example of the lift, you can see that there's no up or down button for us to press.

Tadah! hello Wilhelmsen Vessel Accounting department. Ignore the red color paper bag, it was mine. :P HAHA!

Here comes my messy desk! Weee my world in the office.

Guessed my desk is the most messy among all of them, I mean my colleagues. haha. By the way it's a FENG SHUI place. Located at the last part of the office, which means I can do whatever I like, including, FB. :P teehee. p/s so what? I get caught before also. -.-

I always praise the toilet of the building in front of my friend. A comfortable washroom, to sleep. wahahaha!! Yea I slept there before. God you can't imagine how tired I am that time. Shiu shiu, it's not the main point. :P


Haha! not bad right? teehee.

Here comes my cute colleagues.

 Thaylen, a nice man. He always so patient while teaching me. And also felt guilty to pass me jobs. 

 Asrul, I'm not sure whether I spelled correctly or not. :/

The kids, this kids is 25 years old my god. -.- 

Couldn't capture the rest. They escaped that fast after my boss announced that they can leave earlier, cause of the BERSIH action. :/ zzz. 

the blue gang :)

I don't like to say goodbye. Sort of the people will easily cry. I'm not for yesterday. c; I like here, I like Wilhelmsen. Everything are great, excluded for the boss late release salary part. I learnt new thing, I knew new nice and rock people. I knew Japanese artists Maria and Sora too -.- LOL. HAHA! Nice and great experience indeed. 

Thanks kids for the Mcd breakfast. Thanks 贱王and 变态佬 taught me lot of YELLOW thing -.- Thanks my bf's ex always da bao nasi lemak for me. Thanks dou fu brought me here. Couldn't list all out since it's really much people I have to thanks. 

a little memory between Wilhelmsen and me. c;

Haha! I'm would like to announce that, I'm officially, free of KTM! weeee!!

last night situation. anyway, none of my business anymore. :P

Good bye Wilhelmsen. New job, you better be great. 

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