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Sunday, July 24, 2011

muackzZ! happy birthday hot shan!

Mood here, blog now. :)

Hey there, guess who is this?


This is my girl friend since Form 2? Haha. Our relationship even longer than him. Teehee. I'm so so sorry I'm only blog about your birthday now. Well yea, it's her 20th birthday! She's officially started her 20++ life onwards. 

As tradition, we celebrated her birthday one day before actual day. Got her a simple celebration at Library,Midvalley . It suppose to be another heart talking, gossiping night, not after the appearance of Jim's admire. -.- 

Shan's birthday always give surprises. Her birthday year 2006, her birthday created a fate between Jim and KJ; her birthday year 2008, her birthday created another fate between J and me again. This year, HER BIRTHDAY brought another MYSTERY PRESENT again, not for herself (birthday girl) but Jim again. 
Someone spotted my beloved Jim, p/s. she always can attract those butterflies or bees, p/s again. I HATE BEE. -.- Hahahas.

Story starts. A waiter had sent us a wine after the birthday song, a guy who sat alone somewhere gave it to us, as a birthday present for Shan. Eric recognized him, he's Madam Cxxxx's son. As a manners(it's a huge mistake), Shan Jim and I went to his table wanted to have a photograph to show our grateful. He refused it. Well fine then, got back to our seats. 

Seems like he only realize the beauty of Jim huh? He came to out seat after us. Started to sit down, and talked. Ordered lots of wine and keep asking JJ and Eric to drink, he drank a lot too. He asked for Jim's name. And then started to talk to her. Rich guy love to show off in front of girl. He requested to send Jim home after the celebration. He's failed since Jim drove there yet he's still asked for a ride with Jim. Just 1 round? She was frightened. But can't be reject. We've tried. He even get up and get his key. 

Can't leave her alone with that guy. So I'm with her for the RIDE. She's screamed:"don't tell me that's his car!" A Porsche and Harrier in front of us. I prayed so hardly hopefully he's driving Harrier instead of Porsche, you know the space of sports car's behind seat is small like hell. Obviously, god ignored my pray. He headed to Porsche and opened the door. 

I tried to get myself into the car so hardly. A very first time, I felt that my leg were long! Jim screamed again, when the guy started to drive. I can't see the speed, he covered it. Can only roughly saw the needle pointed about 160-180? I'm a pro, I can still text Shan inside the car with this speed. -.- One round around Midvalley, not even reach 3 minutes. LOL. Hard to get into the car, even harder to get out from the car. Jim, remember, beauty makes trouble. Hahahahahs! don't be so leng lui -.- :P

Back to the topic. Our sexy Shan officially 20th. Photo is a must for us. Thanks to that guy, we taken few photo that day. Grrr.

 More photos kindly refer to Kai yen, Jim or my photo album. :)

Someone appearance obviously surprised our Shan shan. Oh yea, this is her first coupled birthday! Another birthday gift suddenly handed in her hand. From, lun? Teehee. Sweet dou bao!!!! 

See what people do la Teh tiong wei. Haha! learn tau? :P  teehee.

 sweet sweet, love.

dai gor lui lo. <3

Last but not least, happy birthday my beloved Shan shan. xoxo, evon. muackzZ!

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