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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

899 days, Happy Valentine's day.

Blogging about my Valentine night 5am in the morning. 14th Feb year 2012, I had an extremely great night with the dear boy. He gave me a nice memory successfully.

We usually have a small trip during special dates to create memory. Not for this year, my final exam just right after the meaningful day for every couple. What a super sad case. But still, just like other couples, a dinner during Valentine's is a must. We're definitely not the exception even though the exam actually is tough for me. 

Bumbu Bali located at Puchong was our original plan of the night since we never been there and Baby Shan and Baby Jim suggested that place for us. Smart us forget to call and reserve for a place, you know reservation is so important for Valentine's night. We expected Bumbu Bali in full house but out of expectation, many pair of couple are lining outside the restaurant. Wow, there's a long line, no joke. :/

Since we have no back up plan, we decided to walk around the shoplot of the area seek for another place for us to celebrate. 

We spotted this place, it's "Emo Cafe" located Puchong near Bumbu Bali. The name is kinda irony for celebrating Valentine's day, I know -_-  The swing I sitting attracted me from outside view, that's the reason I decided to be seated at this place during the meaningful night.

Another camwhore night. We forgot to take our presents from car for the present exchanging session during Valentine's. I'm sitting in the cafe and wait while baby boy went to the car and take our presents. Boring, what to do? Nothing beside camwhore LOL.

The swing place nice to see but not nice to sit. The place is so hot and full of mosquito since it placed at outdoor. We decided to switch our seats into indoor, who will choose to feed mosquito if there's a place that you can enjoy the air conditioner? lol.  

We spotted this table. The table was decorated with candles and arranged according to love shape. It's really nice, no doubt, quite romantic :)

Ordered the set for 2person. The set is so cheap and I don't think it's specially for Valentine's day since we found the set inside the menu, they have Valentine's set out of the menu as well. Cost so cheap, RM39 for 2 steaks and 2 side order. We choose Grilled Chicken Chop and Fish and Chips. Salad, and mushroom soup as our side order as well. 

RM39 for Valentine's day, where to find? Really cheap la !

A pair of beach pants as the Valentine's gift for him. It's not designed as a pair but I chose it randomly. Quite match huh? :) I presented him earlier actually, right before Bali since we can wear it together during Bali. But he was so stupid he asked me to take it back and present him again during the actual date. LOL. Haha

 Sticky pic reminds me of the lost Sticky. Sorry my dear, I didn't meant to lost it. Urgh still sad for missing it :( By the way, thanks for the gifts, I really in love with them, and the heart of you, I felt it :)

I'm pretty sure it must be much more wonderful if I have no test at 15th Feb. No worries, mission completed, you created the memory for me successfully. It's the 3rd Valentine's we've been through. I'm here to apologize for what I did wrongly and of course my famous bad temper. Thanks for always being there for me when I need you, thanks for always being the support behind me, thanks for loving me my dear. Happy belated Valentine's day. Oh yea, I bet you never notice, actually Valentine's day is the 899th day that we've been together. What a sweet coincidence. Times flies huh? <3

xoxo, from your dear von. 

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