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Sunday, April 3, 2011

my april first activity. :)

I'm really to tired too update my blog last night and now I'm going update bout my day to my lovely diary.

So FYI, I went to astro xin xiu yesterday. Woke up in a very very early morning yesterday for this. I reached around 8o'clock in the morning. And guess what? we should actually come earlier than this, there were so much people there and waiting.

Hm.. Actually nothing special bout this. Of course, i didn't get into next audition, not even those people who really pro in singing I saw yesterday. The level this year obviously being upgraded. Let people kicked out after i sang the second sentence LOL! hahaha! i don't feel sad but funny keep laughing non-stop. Hahah. So shame wei, 2nd runner up of Yu Hua Idol let people kicked out after she just sang the 2nd sentence?! Hahahah!

There were a gang of guys waiting outside after they being kicked out too, guess waiting for their friends. They saw me, and talked to me. The conversations were funny, you can refer to my Facebook status. hahaha! btw, I'm going to copy paste the status here too. Haha.


I just feel so funny after that! The symptoms all are referring me but I'm not the one they're talking to WTH?! Haha! LOL!

I'm contestant number 0028! hahhahaha

Gosh I love my camera effect so damn much!

Well continue my day. We went there early so that we can leave early. Dated Shan Sinki and Leng for lunch. What a long time didn't meet up with Sinki and leng. 

Headed to Shan's house after that. I was wanted to back home but we've got a better idea than that in a sudden! Mahjong sound's great right? LOL! Shan said her parent's weren't home yesterday! What a disappointed when saw uncle Ong there. :'( So, mahjong plan, failed. 

Removed make up all that in Shan's house. Feel like so yong sui after removed my make up. Haha.

before:                                                                        and after:

I had a really tiring and busy week. Didn't rest well at all. Woke up early and sleep late. Guess I really finish used my energy. I had a long afternoon nap in Shan's room yesterday. Oh how satisfied was it. :)

No I my post haven't end yet. haha. So what's next? They said Zi Jian going to treat us for dinner! Wow sound's great! It's Thai food! Not my thing huh? So what? How bout I ordered many food and just leave it there? People treat wad. :P LOL! I not that bad. But in fact, the food were really nice. It's a Thai food restaurant near look out point. It located at a place we will never expected. Inside like jungle jungle or what. I don't know how to describe it. But the surrounding there is nice. Not bad, a restaurant beside a lake. Got Thai songs some more. LOL!

So here I am going to end up my post. Oh yea! Last but not least, can anyone buy me sticky? I craved it for long but I never own my own sticky. Found it at Shan's house yesterday, he bought to her, so where's mine? Not a good thing always steal people candy. :P Haha!

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