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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

060312-result night

I've been asking myself for weeks what to blog until this. It's a result night for MMU student. Firstly, I want to congrats to myself that I got a not bad result. It's actually a very good result for me but I know it's not for most of the people. 

People around me are so happy for me.
1) the old man in my house, thumbs up once he heard of my result. I can still see his smile an hour later after me reporting the pointer, although he asked for a higher marks in front of me. 

2) sister sounds "wow" and congrats me for being the first class student. 

3) lil sis opened the room's door without knocking and congrats to me after the geh po boyfie informed her

3) boyfie jumped from bed when I text him bout my result while he was actually sleeping and called me for the first moment he got the news. He was shocked and I knew he never expect I could get this. Heng. He looked much happier than me and happy like a kid for a whole night. He even wants to apply scholarship for me and asked me what I want just like a dad asking what rewards his kid expected for getting a good result. You're proud of me aren't you dad? =p

My wall and Twitter are full of the status posted by MMU student about their results. Some are satisfied some in contrast. I'm definitely belongs to the first category of student. At least it's better than what I expected.

It's a good starting for my degree and it did raised my confidence in continuing my uni life successfully. I never expect that I can be one of the first class student in my life just like I'm watching drama. By the way it was only the first semester. I'm looking forward to the 2nd and the rest semester. 

Note of the day : It's a great night, with great love, good night people :)

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