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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Yea finally it's time for me to upload the Genting post. Where should I start by the way?

Okay, received a call from Duo duo on Monday, in the office, line is not good, but the content something like. "do you wanna act like Lady Gaga on Wednesday?" off the phone while I still blur, due to the office surrounding, it's too quite, and really obvious if I talk in phone. 2nd call coming up. From Ohyeah. I took the phone and talk outside of the office, the line still sucks of course. I've been much more clearer bout the details.

"do you wanna act like Lady Gaga on Wednesday night at Genting? Just a show. What you have to do is just capture with others."

Salary wasn't the main point that I said yes but the location and the people. Working with T2 crew always fun, I experienced these lots before. Took leave immediately from boss. p/s. Sorry boss, I wasn't back hometown cause of some emergency stuff but work as part time at other place. O.O

Brought lot of things to office at Tuesday, luggage all that. Colleagues asked me why I holding a large bag, my answer:"cabut!" LOL! hahaha! Yea I am, i didn't lie bout it, *cabut* to Genting after work that day. In fact they really didn't see me in the 2days right? :P Met up with Duo and Lei after work, took bus to Genting after that.

We started our work once we arrived there. Met up with the Super Junior gang! Jieyu, Wenqing, Weiling and Weijie brothers. They brought us to the meeting room. Very first time I met the boss of T2interactive. I don't know it was him. He was packing shirt with others that time. Who knows that he is the boss? But this shows that, he is a really good boss. He willing to work together with his staff, not just ordering people. That's good. :)

I'm a free crew to them. LOL! What I have to do is just dress up as Lady Gaga in the other night but I started to the same things with others Tuesday night. Since I have nothing to do right? Sitting there even boring. So why not? :) And also the other day. The boss, Jack, said:"最多包买类个唔餐咯." Haha! Thanks, appreciate it SO SO MUCH! LOL!

Wednesday, the actual day of the event. Meet up in the meeting room by 7o'clock, order by Denise and others. We stayed in the RIA apartment, a place that have quite a distance from first world. So we have to woke up by 5something. Thanks god we're on time. Hm, where's the others? There're just Ohyeah and Jason. According to Ohyeah, they never on time. And that's the fact, we can only see them 8++ in the morning.

Started to distribute the job. They skipped me. All of them have their own job but me. Sitting there most of the time is my job. Oh how bored it was. *sob sob*  I can still remember how hard is me to wait for the time to pass. I're so happy when I saw the needle of my watch pointing to 3o'clock! It's time for me to dress up! At least I got something to do.

Meet up with Bruce lee. He complaining bout his costume which already broke non-stop. I can't concentrate on making up at all. =.= Denise don't even care bout him. She said, just wear it. LOL! It's okay Bruce lee, no one will see your butt. LOL!

Met some of my old staff in Midvalley Mcdonald last time that night. I'm surprised there're still got people can recognize me, even though it was something 4 or 5years ago. Wow! Hm, the rest have nothing special, just captures, poses. Ohyeah said, wow looks professional huh! Well of course, who am I huh? :P

Well it's really ugly. OMFG. From hair to shoes, nothing of the costume that I like. No no, I love the spec, can cover my face so that no one can recognize me. Joyce lost her bag that filled with her high heels and whole make up set. So, I have no high heel to wear that night. Have to wear this stupid boots which Lady Gaga will never wear in any shows. =.=

3days really passed that fast. OMG need to leave already? We bought ticket for bus but wasted it. Jason fetch us back, dropped us at LRT. Oh yea!!!! I haven't say bout it, my mouth can easily out a dirty words now! hahahah! The Jason really damn pro in this. Every single sentence of him will add on a dirty word. We laughed once he talked. Hahahahaah!

yea updated my Genting post. No conclusion, finish writing, bye bloggie. :D

Last but not least, call me女神假假 ! Haha

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