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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Movie night!

The 3rd posts for today! p/s midnight consider as tonight right? LOL. It's a daily update.

I went to Midvalley with Mr.J last night. Finally, meet up with him. He's facing his final, and you know, he got no time with me again, I mean in messages or what, his time was totally different with mine. I was awake when he slept, and so to him. Seriously you not look good bi, take good care for yourself. Oh yea, you really different with usual last night, I'm not kidding. Haha!

We went for the Canon exhibition in the mall I've mentioned in the previous post. So you know what I got for myself, and I don't think I need to talk much bout that. LOL.

And yea, we watched movie. Teehee~

Yeah, we watched this, Jim recommended this. World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles. It's a nice movie. Seriously not bad. But I feel faint or what, for the bombs all that. Some of the scene confusing, or actually I'm the only who blur with it need someone to translate the story for me. Sorry la, the one who sit beside me. :P

Hm.. Story line is about, alien attacked earth? Hahaha. Something like that, they attacked the earth for water. Not bad, can have a watch. :) By the way I don't feel good inside the cinema, I'm sitting the seat quite near to the screen. Ew! Simple update. done!

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