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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

happy belated birthday to Chiao Yee! Year 2011!

Delayed this post for few days. Really should update it before I forgotten it, again, like usual. LOL.

First of all, wanna wish my beloved daughter, happy belated birthday! Sorry for delayed your birthday celebration, you can blame of Miss Jane Chee as well. :P LOL! Hahaha.

Departed at 8. I went Shan's house before we depart, Jim after me. Haha! Girls love to prettify themselves, no doubt. Haha!

Went to a western restaurant named "Frames" which located right beside the main entrance of Sunway Pyramid. It's a nice restaurant. Not bad. With good service, nice environment, and also tasty food.

This is the nice environment I mentioned. The restaurant full with photos, very artistic and nice photos, bet the boss is a photographer huh? Named the restaurant's name as "frames" already wad.

And here's the tasty food I've told. Ma XL size burger! with chocolate smoothie! The French fries was just nice! Girls just non stop stealing it from me! Hahaa. FYI, the burger cost rm22.90 and the chocolate cost rm 8.90. Still expensive for me, but at least cheaper than V1. -.-

When is our last date huh? I mean girl's gathering. Last time was Jing's birthday right? Oww more than 2months already! We never really been sit down and talk after that. Even this time there was a girl missing also! Hate you! Heng! ><

Like usual, still talking non-stop although didn't meet up for months. The birthday girl was shocked after she found out a super big news about Shan! Hahaha! Hey Jing, you really should catch up d. haha!

Oww gosh I've got million of things want to say just now but all disappear in a blink of eye. Ew! Let's the pictures story about her night.

Yes the restaurant's name is FRAMES. So here's the large frame they provided for customer to capture. Haha.

Gosh i know I totally have no image after this picture, although I never got image. LOL! FYI, this is a character a acted before in Halloween, the japanese ghost. Due to the frame look alike with the tv of the japanese ghost, girls requested, li shi chong yan! And here's my twin sister!

The cake we bought for her ! See how cute they are! It's ice cream actually, and taste good! They feel so sad to eat them. Haha. And Frames present her a brownies cake too.

Tadah! and here's the pressie from us for her! Another perfumed gifted out!

the pretty with the lovely pressie. :)

Last but not least, happy belated birthday to miss chiao yee! stay leng lui always, and most important thing is, gather more with us, lack of talk wei recently. Love you! muackzZ~

Friendship forever! love my girls, always <3

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