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Friday, December 3, 2010

GEnting day~

Hey, I'm here again.

Complicated feeling around me today, I was like, upset cause of something, there were only 2 people know bout this, my boy and my girl. I thought that, I'm not so care with it, at least drop down a lil bit. But I realize that I was wrong. I felt wanna cry cause of this again. And the most pathetic thing is, I don't know what the hell I was caring for. There is no one or nothing to let me care for too, the one I care is beside me now, I shouldn't care the previous buddy but cherish the one who really care me now. Shan I'm cool down now, happy? Haha! I know you'll think that, "siao! guan wo pi shi!" Haha! Craping!  

Stop the not cheering topic. I should share something happy. :) I went Genting with my boyfie. :) He kept his promise that bring me for outing during my exam break time. This time, wasn't really had fun, just a simple outing. No movie today. Sad case. Have no movie that we really want to watch. You know the choices of movie in Genting was that limited. Walked around, there were some Christmas show. I thought maybe I can bump BLS people but they weren't them. Another company lil girls perhaps.

Went to the temple near first world. Climbed to the highest part of the temple, guess what we did? Haha! We ate Maggie Mee there! LOL! haha! I wanted to wait for him to upload the photo only i update blog. But now I really felt wanna write something.

Actually nothing do there also. Went Starbuck to online. Then back, and ate KFC. Our schedule of the day. Oh schedule! TTW you haven't give me your time table!!! -.- forgot to photo copy it d! Oh gosh -,-! aiks! Remember to gimme next week when we meet up.  update done. Tata!

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