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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Goodbye my highschool life, happy birthday my lovely buddy. :)

Was thinking how to arrange and start my blog post. It's really too much post are waiting for my update. Yea guys, just back from celebration, my lovely buddy's birthday.

I've got a little upset now. Another time to separate with my classmates, and this time, is the last time. Will never enter high school to see them like what we did past one and the half year. What the hell. It's been one and half year. The speed of time fast until I felt horror. 

My lovely Mifen's birthday, which means is the last day of my STPM exam. I'm still thinking bout the first day of the exam, the first day I entered form 6. Everything just like happened yesterday. It's kinda hard to believe that, it's over! I'm facing another separation again. This time, I'm not crying, like form 5, what a shame that time. But now, I feel want to cry. I've got the feel on the way back to home. 

Lovely buddy's birthday, celebration is a must. We sing K again. And we got the same room. I don't know whether we got this chance again or not. The last time sing K of us? Probably. Most of high school buddies will less meet up cause of the busy of life. And I think we will be separate to many different places. Uni, work, everyone got their life. 

Wanted to go Genting after exam, for the celebration. It's too bad we just missed out the bus once we arrived the bus station. Never mind, plans still on, just changed back to plan A again. There were really lot of things to write if wanna write all out here. So I decided to just point out the main thing, p/s. the blog already very long! Everything were perfect. We had fun, had a very very nice day! But the more I had fun, the more I feel sad to leave you guys. Felt want to cry in Charis's car when she sent me back, and also now.

Hey! it's your big day girl! I were never expect that I will become this close with you. Know what? Just like what I wrote in the card, it's fate, brought us together. Not just you, it brought every of us together. You make me laugh, seriously. I feel so comfortable to be with you, mention again, not to comfort you, I'm serious. Know what? You are a very good friend. Everyone love to be with you. I'm glad to be one of your best buddy. You be with me, when I was happy; You be with me, when I was sad. We laughed together, siao together, but one sad case, we never cry together. LOL. Oh gosh type this blog make me feel want to cry. I've got so damn much thing to tell you, tell you all. Okay 3 words, I love you! No 4 words, I love you all! You make my life become interesting! 

Will never forget honey, babey and yak si. Nani, ham yu. 2 more girls haven't got their name. It's okay. :) Will never forget you all. I love you guys, I love you Mifen. Happy birthday Mifen, Evon will be your side when you need me there, forever, have no expired date!   It's a life warranty card for you. Once again, love you always. :)

Sweet memory~ ever~

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