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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Angela, Sakura, Evon

here we are, sakura and her boy boy, ngek ngek^^

currently using ttw's netbook to online,
pity me feels like really very long time didn't online huh.
Pity till need to online in Starbuck now and update my blog.
Feels like really long time didn't touch my blog,
although just few days =D

Today is the cosplay competition.
My character, Sakura again =.=
(last year my character also name as Sakura),
but this time is other Sakura,
which last year the Erica's character.

He was with me today,
A whole day.
Pick me up before the competition
and waited for me during the competition.
Be the camera man for us,
and now he was so boring sit in front of me,
waited me type my blog,
why my boy friend is that good??
I love you dear,

He really is my lucky star huh??
I was like really a very long time didn't get any award from competition.
But I can get in the top 3 when he was with me,
Last time,
the singing competition,
I got the 2nd runner-up.
And now,
I'm the champion,
can't believe it,

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