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Thursday, July 1, 2010

don't be an emotional girl

awesome <3

Erm, how to describe my feeling now actually??
It was an outing with him,
suppose to be fun and per per right??
why am i feels not really good now??

It was an outing with him, Jim and Kj
this afternoon.
We went to botanic.
It was a raining day,
we can just start cycle right after the
rain really totally stop.
One hour cycled,
it's fun,
everything were alright just now,
and we all were happy,
at that time.

Night time,
went to the Mines with him,
finally watched karate kids with him,
it was damn nice, fantastic, and really awesome,
from now on,
I will be the fans of the little Jaden Smith,
really nice and so cute.

Before the karate kids,
went to the porridge little shop 老友鬼鬼,
still nice the porridge.
We talked a lot and chit chatted there
while we waiting for the movie.
Discuss bout stewardess,
finally told him everything,
include the things I thought that
I can't tell him forever.

what you told me that i totally understand,
I appreciate you analysis the problem for me,
but I felt moody,
I felt like although I know
you didn't mean it,
but you're judging me.
You don't understand what I
tried to tell you
just keep helping her.
Although it's really just a small
case but don't know why,
I almost cry just now,
that's why I don't even dare to look
at you when we're outside of the cinema.
And don't want to listen to your analysis anymore.

I didn't mean that what you told me
just now was wrong,
really i totally understand.
In contrast,
you're the one not really understand actually.

Why am i so emotional,
i hate myself for being like this,
and i feels like i've been changed,
no longer is that girl will find people
talk with when i'm moody.
I feels like just wanna hide myself while i'm moody.
why harr??
no idea at all =(

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