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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


boh mood >.<
This morning my mum asked me
to interview again,
for the other airline.
She said that her friend's daughter
worked there and going vacancy stewardess soon.
I was like,
Can please stop push me towards this??
Just let me finish my form 6 first,
everything we can only discuss after the STPM,

She said,
she'll let me learn swim,
let me learn English oral.
I didn't refuse it,
cause all this I wants to learn also.
I don't know exactly which country she
asked me to work.
Something like that,
pronounce in this way.
She said she'll with me at the country and
take care over me until I'm adaptation the life there.

I was worried.
I didn't refuse all the benefits she
offered to me,
cause I wants those things to upgrade
myself too.
But then all these like indirectly
I agree that stewardess
is the occupation
for me in the rest of my life.

I'm really confuse.
I not resist for this job,
just can it all happen naturally??
I'll feel very stress in this way.
And feels like I have no other choice
in occupation.

Actually all these not that serious,
just because of I'm not in the mood,
so I feel want to cry??
I wondered.

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