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Friday, June 25, 2010


Tomorrow is the interview,
and until now I still not really prepare

I'm scare, and nervous.
Every time when I'm facing these kind of situations,
like when someone asked me things
without any preparation before this,
my brain normally will become empty.
Really scare people ask me things
in a formal way,
just like last time,
my MUET test,
even though I knew the
question what the examiner going to ask d
and I had prepared well
but then I still
can forgot all the things right after
I saw the examiner cause of the stupid

I've search Youtube, the airline website.
Okay firstly the Youtube things,
I watched the interview videos,
but their English was to deep and they
said till too fast,
I can't get what they said at all.
Secondly the airline website,
I would like to search bout the
story of SIA airline,
but then the words too small d,
and the English too deep d,
some more I'm too sleepy,
I can just headache while I started to read,
so in the end,
I give up also =(

My mum brought me to make my
eye brown.
Did I mentioned at the last post??
I think nope,
my face appeared a super big pimple >.<
and today,
it born baby d,
got the other pimples came out!!!!
My gan jiong mummy wants to buy a pimple
gel for me,
but I refused it.
It costs rm38 >.<
I prefer to buy cosmetics.

help la wei~
god bless me,
please =(

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