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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

miss my bloggy~

Well it's a nice day again,
having my gossip girl now besides update my life in bloggy,
finally found the first season there,
and before this 3rd season were the only gossip girl showing on PPS.

Mr Kong gave us back our micro economic paper this morning,
and I was so happy after I received it.
Yea maybe it's not a really good result for others but me,
but I was happy to see my marks,
is this the reward after I work hard on this subject??
I need to mention that I just really work hard on this paper,
other subject,
I bet I'll get the result sucks.

I thought I going to have rehearsal tonight,
prepare for the competition coming on this Saturday.
I didn't receive jie jie's call before 3o'clock to confirm the rehearsal time,
yeah it means she called me 3something to confirm that I'm joining the competition,
Cy is not joining,
and I'm thinking that I can quit this also.

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