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Thursday, June 24, 2010

momo girl, daily life

whiu~~~ damn tired,
busy till now,
then only I got time to write my blog,
very long time didn't so busy huh??

momo girl, part 1:
I would like to start my blog yesterday.
Yesterday's things was important,
cause was about him.
Although just a simple outing,
but it was so beautiful,
cause is with him =)

He dated me out yesterday night
to movie.
We thought that Karate kid's seat will
be available,
cause not a new movie anymore,
who knows it's popularity last till now >.<
We went to Jusco but the tickets
were all being sold out,
so we decided switch to the mines.
The next time for Karate kids was 11pm in the mines,
it's too late,
no choice then we chose to watch toy story( no other movie d) >.<

Out of expected,
I didn't feel boring,
in contrast,
it quite interesting.
But Karate kids,
I must watch you!!! ><
Don't try to excape from me !!!

momo girl, part 2:
School reopen,
so of course,
our mid term result came out d.
as expected,
my account failed d,
but at least other subject passed d,
not like last time almost all failed,
at least is a good beginning huh??
Although the result still not good.

momo girl, part 3:
I've busy a whole day today,
tired but still not exhaust.
After school we went to
Metro point to do our project,
the project we keep said want to
do in the holiday but didn't do.
When I went home,
I've received the call from my mum.
She asked me to make up immediately
and find out see whether I got
formal shirt or not,
she wants to bring me go
photo shooting,
passport photo and
other photos which needed for the stewardess interview
this saturday.

She really much more nervous
and care than me.
I can't find any formal shirt,
she brought me out
and bought one for me.
It cost rm59 >.<
Maybe is normal price for other people,
but then for my mum,
it damn expensive.
she didn't say anything,
she just asked me faster
and straight paid at the counter.

Then the photo shooting
spent rm45.
Today total she spent was
more than rm100.
She still asked me whether want to add on
cosmetic or not.
yea actually I need it so well,
but then it too expensive d,
the devil side in my mind was
wants her buy to me so badly,
but my angel was won,
I not bear to ask her my for me,
I will buy it next time with my ownself >.<

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