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Friday, June 4, 2010


What is your feel when you
found out something bout
your boy friend from others people??

What is your feel when you
notice that your boy friend
tried to hide something from you??

What is your feel when you
thought that you boy friend is busying
and in stress
so no reply,
you still thought you were a good girl friend
ask him tired d find you
but after that you found out he was hanging out
with his friend in the midnight
from other way??

Don't want you WORRY,
scare you will ANGRY,
using the same excuse repeat and repeat,
so why am I so stupid
still telling you where am I although
I knew that you will angry??

I back late,
you will angry,
you go out in the middle of the night,
I can't angry??

You can go somewhere you want,
said as take an experience,
I want too,
but I can't,
cause you tried d,
you don't like then I can't go,
is this what you mean??

extremely not in the mood now.

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