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Thursday, June 17, 2010

what a boring thursday =(

Finding food in the middle of the night,
yea I'm starving,
and I thought that I'm unlucky,
my bread in my house was out of stock,
but fortunately,
my dear had remind me that
my house still have Milo,
the food, erm nope
the drinks that I have no touch for more than half years,
and it's save me,
can't believe that huh??

Well I strongly felt that my
life was so so so meaningless today.
My sister left house in the early morning,
she's in volleyball look,
I bet she's having a competition,
friendly match or what else.
So my house left mum and me from the morning,
she was out too in the afternoon.
I like keep do nothing in the house,
keep staring at the computer screen,
online and online,
repeat the same activities in the whole holiday.
And the main point is!!!!
So unfortunately there was no one online-ing today!!!!!
Whole afternoon I like just saw my status appear on
the Facebook wall =(

I can't believe that I bore till go create
my own twitter account,
but I like can't find my friends which
got play twitter,
so the conclusion,
still bore =(

Shan knew that I was bored,
she bring me out,
refund her lap top charger at Mines.
We just stayed there for awhile,
and left right after the refundable.

Yea thanks god,
you know that I was bored so you asked me out is it??
We went to Mines,
the Karate Kid's ticket was sold out =(
Fulled also.
Pissed off!!!
Decided to watch the only movie
that were available in the Jusco's cinema,
"Sex and the city".
The movie was quite long,
two and a half hour,
not really nice,
I not really like it.
Karate Kids,
I still waiting for you okay??

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