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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I'm back bloggy,
from movie and night market,
with my sweet and peace mood,
after the moody last night =)

Today was keep raining,
and of course now I'm freezing,
wearing my brother's long,
big size,
and warm jacket typing my blog.
The most torture thing for me these few days are,
I have no heather!!!!!!
Oh my god,
these really kills me!!!!
I can't stand on cold water,
especially in such cold weather,
feels like back to national service time
(p.s. without heather supply inside),
oh my god I'm going crazy with it.

Okay stop the cold story,
I had a sweet night today =)
with you, of course.
Watched "THE A-TEAM",
not a bad movie,
and after that we went to kang le night market,
first time we went there together.
I got that feel,
if we meet often,
then we will less argue-ing,
misunderstand all that,
everything can settle in front of each other easily,
so ttw,
meet me often okay??
I'm not asking for your permission but want you to do it =D

It's time to bed~
Bye bloggy~
see you tomorrow,
I know,
I'll have a sweet dream =)

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