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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Actually I had an incomplete post midnight
of yesterday,
or I should correct it,
is today.
But before I complete I really can't stand on it anymore,
ran away from computer,
ran away from living room and them,
back to my room,
my own world.

Actually overall of yesterday,
is quite perfect,
if without that arguement,
everything will be fine.

Hanging out with friends,
enjoy my holiday,
perfect dance without any mistake
(p.s. at least it's perfect for me).
Everything was so wonderful,
But no such perfect things in the world aren't it??

Who will like to listen or involved in the
arguement in the middle of the night??
especially when you're in an exhausted situation,
really always makes people,
felt tired...

Okay now,
forget bout all the unhappy things,
I really had a good time with you guys.

Lastly I have to say congratulation to
the champion Hing Yee,
1st runner up lap sap Si Yao,
and 2nd runner up dear sweetie Shanz....

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