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Saturday, June 5, 2010

wasting time, again =D

I think,
blogging isn't the thing I do daily anymore
but every moment,
I feel like want to blogging,
really addicted with writing my feeling
yea you didn't see wrong,
is every moment.
See what's the time now??
It just 5o'clock in the evening
and this is my second post for today.
And I would like to mention one more time,
it's holiday,
I'm freaking free =)

Maybe I should settle the dance
which I going to perform tomorrow
rather than wasting time here,
But you know,
I'm a lazy worm,
everyone know that =D
I believe that everything will be fine for this moment,
but I do know that,
I will be very nervous and extremely regret tomorrow,
before the show case,
bout why am I wasting time today online-ing
and not arrange my dance nicely??
It's me =)
Do everything in the last minute,
and regret lastly.
And actually now I'm finding excuse that
I'm not practising now cause
I have no idea with the song's name
I going to perform tomorrow.

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