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Monday, July 26, 2010

=) =( =/??

Why are me nowadays,
didn't find anyone talk to
even I'm not happy??
Feels like really got some changes in me.
Don't know since when,
I start will scare the feel bothering others,
so I chose to hide it,
smile more to others,
the world will become more warm.

But now actually I really got a bit not happy.
As I told you just now,
I really got feel hurt just now.
Everyone is expecting the big day with the
important people of them right??
And of course so am I.
You said you feel pressure,
you don't know what gift you should give me.
I admit that if I really receive nothing I'll feel disappointed,
but then it doesn't mean that it's really important in this,
happy is the most important,
I thought we both are same,
waiting for the day with full of expectation,
but obviously I'm wrong.
You felt pressure,
and I felt,
straight down once I knew this.

You asked me not to easily get mad,
not to easily moody,
it will annoy people,
and it make you feel uncomfortable sometimes,
especially when you need me,
but I rajuk there.
After you told me this,
I tried to become more happy,
and now,
I don't even dare to tell you my actual feeling.
I can't stand anymore once I saw my bloggy.
I felt want to tell my blog my things.
don't worry,
I'll be okay soon,
I always told you this right??
And I promised that I will.
finish blog,
back to normal,
and smile again =)

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