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Saturday, July 3, 2010

New template huh??
Aiyo the font size how come so small one >.<
Really damn small la!!! T.T
And can't change the font size,
as I know blogskin can't change the font size one~
I see also faint le =.=

A new template,
quite like,
Had a deal with miss Chloe Ong Fei Shan,
this is a competition about our blog,
see who's blog is nicer then ask someone to vote for us,
the one who lose,
treat the another one BIG APPLE,
what time is it??
you both have 2 hours time,
3, 2, 1,

although we made a deal that we gave ourselves
for 2 hours,
but then lastly we do the template until
430 in the morning.
Oh my gosh!!!
I can't believe that I was so patient in this,
and pity Qttie~
She was with me in 3hours time,
taught me bout the blogskin things,
chat box music p0d all that.
Sorry >.<
I forgot to tell you I'm really stupid in this,
I'm totally a computer idiot T.T
Thanks for being so patient for me~~ =D

I lose d~haha~
We found Jing and Rou as our judges
and Rou had chose Shanz's blog.
Jing no choose anyone,
I bet she scare DE ZUI one of us!! hahah XD
Hao la hao la,
sei shan!!
Later give up the big apple la~
sui sui yeh!!!

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