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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

just for you, smile =)

we must always like this, kay??

Why my friends around me sounds so moody recently??
This post is especially for you,
mummy =)

Start from last night,
you never stop crying.
It's not a shame that cry in front of us,
just explore your feeling with us,
we always willing to share with you.

Stop think bout those things anymore okay??
Not your fault in these kind of things.
Love is blind,
stop blaming yourself.

You're really damn moody and mad,
and as a friend,
I don't know what exactly should I do
to make you feel better,
a failed friend huh??
see duo bear and Charis always
there for you to share your things.
Tell us how we do only can you feel better.
Dai B not really works huh??
Seems like you hate this method,
don't hate me please~
I will very sad sad de oo O.O T.T
I think I'll take silent method next time xD

Kay lastly,
strawberries love you =)

bear bear =)

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