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Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 09, mines~

July 09, 2010
I love to be with you,
and this day,
we had an outing,
i really don't wanna to miss anything
bout you in my blog,
although it already passed for few days,
still i am decide to post out this passage.

Planned to watch The Back up Plan today,
but so sad to say that Jusco and Mines
both were no this movie.
So lastly we decide to watch Knight and day.

I'm not interested with this movie in the beginning,
cause i don't like tom Cruise and Cameron Daiz,
but this movie really quite nice la,
can go and watch my friends =)

He was so scared of me today.
My first day of period O.O
Although i don't think i had any
different with usual today,
but then he said i looks like so weird,
feels like volcano going to explore anytime.
He was in feared,
keep asked me to promised that
don't angry him no matter what.
I won't my dear,
don't worry yea =)

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