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Saturday, July 17, 2010

the competition

Today I will write 2 post,
one bout the competition,
and another one,
of course is bout my dearest Shan Shan xD

It was 10a.m,
and I found out that I was early,
Mr Peh said going to pick me up at 11,
but as usual,
he was late,
I was in his car bout 12.30 in the afternoon,
then only we headed to his house.
(p.s. I should sleep more one hour,
god know that I was exhausted >.<)

Start our practice bout 1,
this is the 2nd time we practice,
the first time was last night,
Actually quite messy,
but I keep comforting myself that we were just practice twice,
still consider pass right??
I'll post the video later on.

And the messy dance was got into final,
Oh no,
the other participant was too,
PRO =.=
so tomorrow prepare to get the consolation la xD

wish me luck for tomorrow =)

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