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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cosplay day again~

Home sweet home~~~
I'm back =)

Out going for whole day but don't feel tired.
Quite fun.
So many things I want to say,
where should I start first??
Let start it from the morning.

Woke up in the early morning,
Then went to Shan's house and
went to Summit.

We had a Cosplay Show at Summit USJ today.
They were all there already when we arrived Summit.
Final rehearsal,
then set our hair,
changed costume settled quite a long time.
Si yao today only taught me the Street Fighter steps,
although last year we had a lot of experience in this
but I can't remember at all those steps.
And I'm kinda a pro,
before the show start only I mark steps with Si yao.

Yuna's Lucky lucky steps,
in expected forgot steps,
luckily I stand in the middle,
so I can solo and no one know that
whether I got wrong or not.
After Lucky lucky dance,
I faster rush to washroom and want to change Sakura's costume.
Yuna's part was in number 3 and
Street fighter was in number 8,
between that still got 3 performances so I thought
that I'll have enough time to change my costume.

I was wrong.
My zip was spoil and I asked Jie Jie to fix it for me
during the rehearsal last time.
I didn't realize that Jie Jie told me she didn't fix for me today.
When I change my costume I was shocked and panic.
I didn't prepare pin at all.
Jie Jie rush and came to washroom look after me.
And I just pinned 3 pins then straight went on the stage d.
it was the first time I haven't prepare well then
I can listen my song played by DJ.
I was so so panic and Si yao went to the stage and posing
first while waiting me.
My costume was not complete at all and have no time no
find anymore.
And the most important things is,
my pin lose d while I fighting with Si yao~~~O.O
La la la la~~
No one seen this~~~
La la la la la~~~
There were so many reporter today and
Jie jie was so pay attention in this,
luckily overall consider okay.

After the Cosplay show Jie Jie asked
us to stay and play a mini game
held and there.
The rewards was so attractive,
rm500 cash for the winner.
Congrats to the winner Osama, jing and 2 unknown kids.
By the way,
Osama your pattern really damn funny!!!

Finally can eat my Snowflake d =D
I have no chance to eat before this cause
the shops only located at Subang and Pavillion >.<
But it was so wasted,
I couldn't finish the dishes I had ordered.
I ate butter chicken rice before I ate snowflake =.=
Brainless girl~

Oh oh oh!!!!
How can I miss this so so important things!!!!!
There was a perverted guy followed us in Summit just now!!!!
Oh my god the guy!!!!
Damn disgusting!!!!
He followed us since the mini game,
we went to purse lot,
shoes lot,
he followed us!!!!!
He was touching those shoes and act as
he wants to buy or what
but his eyes was actually staring at us!!!!
Damn scary!!!!!!
His target was Shan actually,
King Voon told us when we reached home.
Oh no!!!!!
By the way,
stop the stupid abnormal guy,
I bought a shoes today^^
It was so so nice and only cost rm24~
Sales in whole Summit and those things
are so so cheap~
My friend,
go to Summit now,
there are a lot of nice and cheap things there now.
Summit you should pay me,
I doing free promotion for you~~~

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