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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i'm sorry

A very very bad night.
Everyone around me were moody and mad,
include me.

I never ever imagine that
argue will happen between us,
six of us,
actually last night who involved were just
four of us.

I admit that we really freaking mad once
we saw those comments,
status from you in Facebook.
We strongly felt that you changed lot's once
you join the Eumora's company.
We respect you,
it's your choice,
and you did nothing wrong,
cause you just think for your future.

I get mad,
after I saw those comments you replied those people
who giving their opinion.
I felt that were so rude and
you're judging others.
What we think,
just we do not judge each other,
we don't judge you think for your future
but same to you too.
Don't judge other people thinking.

Before this,
we don't even dare to tell you how we feel.
We scare to let you know our real feel but
you think other way,
cause sometimes you're stubborn.
But through this,
I realize the importance of SHARING.
I realize that there were so many misunderstanding between us.
You think that we're scolding you,
but we're not.
We felt that you've been changed a lot,
but you're not.

I've read your blog dear.
After the SHARING last night,
once again I felt I understand more bout you.
I'm sorry for listen the news from your mum,
it's shocked me,
take good care of her,
I know you will =)
You were busy,
you didn't tell us bout these,
we don't know your stress.
You've like so busy and our distance seems like
apart and apart.
And without a well communication,
creates misunderstanding.

Tell us anything next time okay??
We're here to share your pressure,
and keep guessing your mind is hard.
You can just update your blog,
although you're busy and we can't
chat lot like last time,
you just update your blog,
we can know your mind through your blog,
it's much more better than arguing,
or keep guessing each other minded.

once again I want to apologize for my rudeness,
not understanding to you.
I'm so so sorry,
We are best friends ever,
remember that,
what we do,
just because we care you,
love you all.

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