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Sunday, August 8, 2010

happy birthday gary~

Here I am,
to update my blog.
It's about yesterday,

Afternoon Shan dated me to
the Mines,
watch the Metro Man competition.
We were late and the show started an hour ago
when we arrived.
Not bad huh~
quite many handsome guy,
but it's kinda weird,
look near those guy feel they're
handsome but all become AH PEK d
when they on stage,
Don't know~

It's Gary birthday,
went to Open Range again to celebrate for him.
It's really a nice place,
here I am to mention once again.
Nice food,
nice service(although yesterday's
service not as nice as usual,
busy perhaps??),
nice feel.
Met up with so many people whom didn't meet up
for a long time,
after graduate.
Ling shen,
and others.
Have fun tonight,
Siao chit chat topic,
keep laughing,
by the way,
do you like that this year's birthday Gary??

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