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Saturday, August 21, 2010

happy birthday.

Damn funny this afternoon.
He cooked fried rice for me today,
he took it for me before I went to tuition.
I was late to meet him bout 20minutes but
he later than me.
Before I get angry I found out that he
jogged from his house and
came to my tuition center just for the fried rice.
Angry mood totally disappeared,
and feel,

I told my dad that I need to buy something
before tuition as the reason I came
out early from home to tuition.
This is the funny things =.=
I met Tiong Wei at Parkson,
he keep joked that maybe we will
accidentally meet my dad at somewhere,
and keep asking me how if we seen my dad??
I said just say Hi.
And turned around,
I saw my dad! O.O
And the first respond of mine,
it's so so funny now I reviewed back!

I don't know what reason caused me to
run just now,
I think I don't want let him knew that
I came early is for him?
It's really funny,
just like偷情 =.=
By the way,
you're talented,
your fried rice was nice,
I want it again next time. =D

Next part of my passage,
it's Chin You Wen's birthday today,
went to Look Out Point at Mahkota
to celebrate for him.
Another funny things here,
we celebrate for him,
he doesn't know who I am.=.=
Yea he know who I am,
but he don't know my name.
Evon:"Do you know my name?"
Chin:"Yea, Chermaine?"!!!!!!
Since when my parents give me the
name Chermaine??
How come I don't know??
by the way,
once he called me Chermaine,
he been tortured by me for whole night.
Forgive you,
you're the寿星公~
Happy belated birthday la Chin.

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