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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Went to swim with Jing and Shan last night,
I've improved a lot,
I think,
cause I can swim,
bout half and the half pool. =.=
But still I will same leg same hand. =.=

Argued with him last night,
I choose not to reply,
or else situation could be worse,
he didn't message me again.

I was really tired last night,
after school in the morning,
went to chop my hair,
after swim,
till night,
I have no time to rest at all.
I still have to make something that
haven't complete yet,
it drove me still in a awake situation 12 in the morning.

I have really no energy to coax or what.
I know it's my fault first,
I shouldn't try to skip my tuition.
I already rejected her,
don't worry.
You said you won't control my anymore,
I can do whatever I want onwards next time,
I have nothing to say,
what I say will drive the situation become worse,
no reply,
and sleep.

I said,
I will be okay this morning,
but why I still moody now??
One of the reason is because of my hair also??
Once Jack help me blowed it I felt okay,
after shower,
it's real face came out,
curl, messy everywhere,
make me feel sucks,
especially not really in the mood now.
I seriously need to rebonding.

It's my look after the hair cut, haven't curl yet, Jack had blowed it.

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