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Friday, August 6, 2010

♥ Scarf, pizza, and Salt ♥

Since someone complaint that my
previous blog skin was not very nice,
I changed it, AGAIN,
that shorty, laughing, crying girl,
do you satisfy with this one??

After ping pong, spy, Vampire Diaries, mahjong,
there's another heat appeared in our class again.
Now hand make things are very popular in our class.
Even guy also learning.

Since I know how to make scarf,
so I be the one who teach them.
The first student of my,
very not talented,
but at least she finally caught the
skill to make it,
I'm quite impress with my patient,
number 1, Miss Lei lei;

The 2nd and 3rd student,
well done,
at least I no need to put much effort to teach
like what I did to the first one =D.
Are you sneezing right now laughing jie??

Ate lot of Domino Pizza today.
It's the reward from the Financial Club,
the members earned lot of money for the club.
Can't believe that I can ate more than 3 pieces,
my stomach going to burst d and the full
feel last till 6o'clock in the evening =.=.
I don't even need to eat lunch,
so I just watch Mr Teh,
who purposely came Kajang to have
a lunch with me,
I just watched him eat his rice =D

Finally watched my Salt today =D
Before we go to the movie we
went to eat Ban Mee in Serdang.
Due to the reason,
we late for movie >.<
Serious jam in the way to Jusco from Serdang,
and in that time,
we played Spider =.=
This made me damn hyper xD
Play it again next time okay tw??
But I be the spider =P

Late for 30minutes,
the movie of course started.
We don't really understand what's
the movie about.
it is a damn nice movie,
although we late and not really understand,
but really nice.
Angelina Jolie was awesome.
As usual,
a nice day =)

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