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Thursday, November 4, 2010


My posts seems like started with "I'm tired like hell" every time. Yea, I want to say again, I'm tired like hell! Woke up in the early morning for housework then went to training, promoter job.

I went to Suzanne's house and she fetched Jing and me go training together. I'm going to work 3days straight, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. The images above are my product, yea, it's GPS. I'm no doubt a electronic idiot. The training wasn't really work for me. I'm still so blur with the product, and my head was like keep spinning today, I wasn't in the situation at all. What the trainer told us wasn't get into my mind, and he was a, erm, not really good teacher. -.- Our question weren't really get an answer. Hopefully everything will run smooth tomorrow.

I've received a message from kai ma today. The content was about I was chosen for photo shooting of the advertisement of The Mines. Damn! The date is tomorrow and they only informed me now. I promised that to work for GPS already and I have no other choice, have to give up this advertisement. Oh gosh! What a waste! Not everyone and every time got this kind of chance. And I have to let go this for a rm80 job! Damn it! Actually really regret to take this job. Suddenly told us that we work from 10 till 930. What the! and I don't know this is a pc fair job. 80bugs is really a very low price. Okay fine, accept the reality.

 I afraid that I going to sick soon. Hopefully my prediction will not come true, Running nose from last night and I realize that I've sore throat and my voice totally changed d. My head like heavy and was so blur with everything. Sneezing non-stop. Guess someone saying my bad thing.

I was waiting for his text today. He said that he will try to find me today, maybe after training or go training together with me. I rejected bout the request to go training with me. I hate to wait people so I don't want he wait me too. I expected he come and find me after I training or what.

He went to farm today, as usual. And didn't reply my text after that. Night, I'm home, waiting for someone's text again. He find me just now, and text me that, he's going to badminton. Which means, he's not going to find me. Whatever, bla bla bla. Feels like moody, I think I really going to sick. Whatever, I should know that he always busy although he's holiday-ing. Damn! I hate myself now again. Spinning~ spinning~ spinning~ I don't know what am I writing now.

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