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Friday, November 26, 2010

rapunzel day :)

I know I've shouldn't blog here but I really want to talk bout this, you know I've never miss out anything with him in my blog, as a memory when I look back in my future.

Library yesterday, study nothing. Outing after that. This is my life. I'm trying to escape from book, I'm really not suitable for study. I know, no one is suit for it, do not find any excuse again EVON CHUA.

I went out with him last night. Went to the night market at Taman Segar and had our favorite food the "taiwan popiah". Oh gosh I really need to get myself a handbag so badly! And last night, I saw there was a store which selling Japanese style bags, brown color is my favorite and only cost rm30 per bag! Why am I so stupid didn't get 2 for myself last night? I'm regret now. :'(

Movie after night market. This was my aim for outing yesterday. I wanted to watch the movie so badly before it showed.

"RAPUNZEL", a fairy tale that I heard when I'm small, envy she got a very long and nice hair. But it's TOO long. -.-
Really, a very nice movie. I suggest this movie for all of you, I'm not sure whether you all will like it or not, but I really think that is a nice movie. Even him also said it was nice. I'm scare that he will boring cause it was, erm, cartoon, I know some of you don't like cartoon, actually, I not really cartoon too. -.-

A girl who with magic hair kidnapped by a bad woman. Haha. Conclusion, a fairy tale~ "And we live, happily, ever, after." Always end with this sentence, but I'm still not bore of it.

I'm in love with fairy tale~~ Again~~~~~~ 
add on, nice outing day with you~ again too :)

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