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Monday, November 1, 2010

i love today, it was an amazing day for me. ILU!

Yes, Shan and Jim were right, I'm blogging again while chatting with them. LOL! haha. Don't kill me please, I can't wait to blog bout today, what a good day for me. Sweet day, I guess I'm going to get diabetes soon. :))

I was wanted to straighten my hair today. Yesterday, J suddenly asked me for Sunway Lagoon today. I was so excited and expected so much for today's rebonding, yet mr.J one word then changed my mind, you know he always can change my mind that easily. Rebonding plan, switch to Tuesday! :)

I knew this plan very long time ago, cause this was the plan of my classmates. J told me that dou fu asked him to go along, I was shocked, cause before this I wasn't in the guest list. T.T    And know, I need to thanks dou fu, for asking him to join, and he asked me along, then made my nice day. :)

It was too bad, i have no picture at all for today, since the photos all with the other girls, and lagoon can't bring phone inside also. :(  It's suppose to be a long post and i decided to summarize it. Those games bla bla bla, i better skip those part. Just point out those important for me.

Actually I feel quite sorry for dou fu them. The purpose they asked him to go along was wanna hang out with him, since it's really long time they didn't have fun together or what. And the mr.J was be with his girlfriend whole day. sorry for him, but really sweet for me. I was complaint that didn't bring volleyball along there. And after all those games, we saw there were a gang of Malays playing volley there. I stand there for so long and looked at them, they knew that my hand was kinda itchy to play it. Haha! we joined them, not really fun, cause they really simple hit the balls. Pity him take the ball non-stop from the water. There was a foreign joined  us after that. Maybe I'm the only girl there, he quite, erm, passion towards me? and captured together with me. The point is, asked my boyfriend to hold the camera for us. Erm, he was holding my waist in front of my bf, maybe this is the passion of foreign? right? I know you wasn't happy, sayang~ don't spoil your mood today, i know you were enjoyed that much today. :)

there were really many sweet thing inside, and i decided to seal it in another post, afraid that other people beh tahan. -.- my back really hurt by the sun burn. I'm having a red back now. and it's quite hurt, pain. :(  seriously i don't know how to blog today. Really damn lot thing and actually it was just the story of he and me, not interesting at all. today end with steamboat at "yuan", actually nothing special there, a simple steamboat place. He was like drunk like that, blur with hot face, saying those blur things, blur words. -.-

his face, omg, damn red! 

aiks, really have no idea on how to blog today, gonna renew it tomorrow, guess I was too tired. Can't wait to straighten my hair tomorrow, I tahan this hair for that long already. Good night peep, sleep tight everyone. :))))

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