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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween, 2010. :)))

it's time to blog again. :)) love my current blog skin and songs, westlife always rock. No matter how many years gone, their songs still that nice, for me. Anyone agree with this? :) and I success changed my font type and font size. most of my friends were complaint that my font size was too small, do you guys satisfy with this? :)

It's Halloween!  I realize that my Twitter and Facebook were fulled with Halloween stuff, or status bla bla bla, and this never happened previously, during high school period. Miss Shan explained that we were in college, p/s. okay, i'm not. -.- that's why everyone saying bout Halloween. It's Halloween and it's kinda waste if didn't put some costume in such special day. I've got Halloween show in this Halloween heat season. Today wasn't  show but competition. Titled with "twin halloween", different with last year, which is just Halloween competition.

Kinda moody in the early morning and i was late, again, same with yesterday, i think i late due to yesterday. He came to me, my mood switched that fast cause of him, thank you. :) My character this year really, ugly max! Oh gosh! Totally different with last year, you know i was a pretty ghost last year who just dance on the stage. This year, ewww~ old witch and ugly Japanese ghost(zheng zi in chinese) was my character. What a big challenge for me, i was actually love pretty one much much more. :(  And it's quite suffer, I was like fainting with the hair covered my face. And I really saw that white image, something like a sign before you really get faint. My old problem came to me again, I was really feel want to go to the washroom, oh gosh, want to shit again before i go to stage. Aiks!

He was keep laughing at me, but he was good, carry things for me, and came to look for me once he knew that he was free. :)

this is ugly max, but he not scare at all. hey what la, once i walked through the kids they scream like hell, why are you not scare me at all >.<

who she? my twin sister, we really do look alike right? actually many people said that since we're form 4, and height is the only difference of us. :(

i like this one! haha, but we really looked damn short beside them  >.<

when took this? I don't know >.<

champion of the day! king and bai! gratz for got the 500 cash! they were really funny max!  know what, you know i love xing xing qian(starbuck). ngek ngek, sou sou agreed with that already. :P

first runner up, their make up really, scary max. >.< 

accidentally met moon today, she recognize mr J before she knew that i'm one of the contestant of the contest. :D haha! nice hair btw moon, i'm gonna straighten my hair soon too :D

the winners of the day, top 6 and i'm in the 5th placing. okay, Mr bf appeared today, so i got price, he left earlier, so i just got number 5th. LOL! you know he was my lucky star, once he appeared i sure got price. LOL!. love you dear. :)

It comes an end of the Halloween, and came with a happy ending. I love this feel, everyone had fun together, enjoyed this moment so much. Finished update post of the day, my Halloween day in year 2010. good bye peep, gonna sleep, or else someone going to get mad. >.< good night~ haha

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