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Sunday, October 3, 2010

about him, part one. =D

2days didn't blog, sounds so not me. Due to the reason, I still addicted with blog yet I was like, many things want to write, but I will delete the post I wrote before post it. 

My posts recently seldom appear his name huh? And now, I going to skip the work and gathering post first for his post. He was really busy recently, so am I. But if really compare, he much more busier than me. Quiz-es tests   non-stop. And our messages apparently getting lesser and lesser, but at least I know he trying to spend some time with me, dear I get your mind, don't worry. =)

Skyped with him last night, very first time of us. We skyped after I finished my work, and it's 3o'clock in the middle of the night. I thought that he was asleep, yea he did, yet he woke up and find me in sudden. He said he woke up himself without helping from the alarm. =) Suddenly asked me, wanna skype? Oh of course, how could I say no? Told him that he was the 2nd friend in my skype friend list, know what he told me? He said I was the first person. =) He skype with me during he doing his assignment. Since my pc have no webcam, he on his and just me can see him. Took damn much his photos without his realize, but he knew that too, know what? I told him that I was taking his photo! Haha. I requested to have his childhood photo, and he showed me one by one through web cam, it's damn damn cute man! I laugh non-stop when seeing that!!! 

 Why you so concentrate in assignment huh? 

cutest photo I took that night, hehe. 

he said this girl was his girl friend =(  

So cute la adui! OMG!!!!!!!

this photo is blur, but still can see you wearing the fishmonger's hat, why you want to catch fish dear? LOL!

Actually he showed damn much his childhood photo to me, and he showed me his naked one too, but that one can't show out, he'll shy. =D Enjoy the skype, part one about his post end. =D

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