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Friday, October 1, 2010

Random postS update!

I just blogged an hour ago and now here I am to blog again, the 2nd posts of the day. My friend asked, why am I so addicted with it, I have no idea actually. I love much more than blog Facebook and Twitter, maybe  I can say so many things here, type many many words here, actually I'm not addicted with blogging but typing, and it can also let me share many photos and videos here. Plus I can decorate my blog until very nice which can't make it for Facebook and Twitter.

Girl's problem really make people suffer, our stomach will be very suffer in these few days besides that pimples will also pop out from our face! Beh tahan! Saw the photos up there? I had 3 pimples total, new pimples, one on the forehead and two under my lips! Aiks! It's really a suffer thing for a girl to getting uglier since she already not pretty enough =( sad case! Dude! Do love your girl friend as well, be patient with them especially in these few days, you can't imagine how suffer girl are, the things I mentioned just now was just small part of the suffer. Random post! done! Ciao~~

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